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A traditional cache has a single location and is hidden at the listed co-ordinates. Some traditional caches may have a puzzle element once you get to that location, and these should be identified by the "Field Puzzle" attribute.


A Multicache is a cache having more than one location, where the listed co-ordinates are those of the first stage. Locations for a multicache may be physical or virtual (except for the final location, which must be physical). A physical location is somewhere the cache owner has placed a container or other object, a virtual location is one where an existing feature has been used. The locations of subsequent stages may be indicated directly, or by using a calculation, or even a puzzle element.


A cache having more than one location, where the listed co-ordinates are NOT those of the cache or first stage - a puzzle has to be solved to obtain those coordinates prior to finding the cache.


A cache that is not hidden in a fixed location, but which is moved by each finder to a new location. The finder makes a note of the new co-ordinates in their log, and the cache owner updates the cache page accordingly.

Unknown (or Other) type.

A catch all category, used for caches that do not fit into one of the other specified categories.


A meeting of geocachers at a pre-arranged time and place, for the purpose of socialising or searching as a group. Attendance at events does not count towards your finds total.


A cache that requires a finder to post a photograph of themselves taken by the appropriate web-cam. The cache owner should include a link to the web-cam. Ideally, finders should do something to identify themselves in the photograph.


A cache with no physical container. It is intended that this cache type be used only where the cache owner wishes to highlight an unusual or outstanding location but where hiding a physical cache is impractical or inappropriate. When setting a virtual cache, consider if the same result could be achieved by using a multicache. Also please try to retain the element of searching by requiring the finder to locate a brief item of information at the location which is not available on the internet, and using this as a log password.

Podcast Cache

Follow directions in an MP3 audio file.

Own Cache

To be written.