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(Needs much more work - in particular, links to the icons)

Cache attributes

- Searching can involve significant level of risk of injury or other dangers. The cache description should contain details of the danger.

- Active rail line in the vicinity.

- Cliff nearby. Danger of falling down or of falling rocks.

- Hunting Area.

- Thorns or other dangerous plants.

- Ticks inhabit the area - Ticks are blood-feeding parasites that are often found in tall grass where they will wait to attach to a passing host. See Wikipedia Article.

- Cache is in a former mining area. Watch for disused shafts, etc.

- Poisonous plants.

- Dangerous animals, snakes.

- Parking available. If a fee is payable for parking, set the Parking/Access Fee attribute too.

- Accessible by public transport.

- Drinking water available.

- Public toilets nearby.

- Public phone nearby.

- First Aid available nearby.

- Cache and Dash.

- Significant hike.

- Marshy, muddy terrain.

- Hilly terrain.

- Lightweight climbing - (No special equipment).

- Swimming required.

- Letterbox cache - Rubber stamp in cache - do not take this stamp from the cache.

- Interesting or historic area.

- Moving target.

- Webcam cache.

- In an enclosed space, indoors, cave, etc.

- In the water, a submerged cache.

- A GPS is not essential to find this cache.

- Parking / Access fee payable.

- An overnight stay may be required.

- Night cache, only at night.

- Available at all times.

- Available only at certain times or dates. See the cache description for details.

- Daytime only.

- Available only at certain states of the tide.

- Available all year round.

- Nature interest nearby.

- Winter safe.

- Listed on Opencaching only.

- Rated on - This does NOT mean that the cache is wheelchair accessible. See the rating on for details.

- Special equipment required.

- Compass required.

- Flashlight required.

- Special climbing equipment required.

- Caving equipment / precautions required.

- Scuba equipment required.

- Boat required.

- Aircraft required.

- Mobile internet access required.

- Riddle / Puzzle.

- Arithmetic problem.

- Starting conditions - Contact the cache owner before seeking this cache.

- Ideal for children.